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I provided a simple example on github: github.com/magomi/wicket-download-sample It provides an label and an download link.When you klick on the link, the download will be initiated AND the label will be changed via ajax.

What I would do is Can you please provide some example code for point 3 above (for the file download I would use an ajax button or if nothing should be changed on your side a normal link that delivers an resource stream for your file )Sorry for this late answer.

Since on Configure is called before the rendering cycle has begun, it is working for me.

But as Sven Meier has mentioned, you might still want to work on his advise to get your code with on Event.

Normally, if I have an operation that takes a while to complete in a wicket project, I’ve taken advantage of the Lazy Loading Panel.

This works great for simple scenarios, but one major drawback for me is it doesn’t maintain its state across requests.

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