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The collectors who have been drawn to the Wagner card and the notoriety it brings are a diverse and eclectic group of men (and women) with one thing in common: They have either willingly or unwillingly become a part of hobby history.Owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and owner of the infamous PSA-8 Mastro-Wagner.The allure of the Wagner has also given rise to the commission of crimes ranging from Bill Mastro’s trimming of the Gretzky-Mc Nall copy to a heist executed by a group of thieves who stole actor Charlie Sheen’s Wagner when it was on display at ESPN’s “All Star Cafe” in Times Square back in 1996.Still, many others have joined the club simply by chance, chalking up their membership through an inheritance or a lucky draw in a sweepstakes give-away.

Tull’s Wagner was said to have been originally owned by an Irish immigrant living in Harlem who acquired it in the 1910’s.

The combined value of the 60-plus existing specimens easily exceeds million.

The T206 Honus Wagner has become a legendary piece of American folklore and some might argue the face of the billion dollar baseball memorabilia industry.

The New Jersey cardiologist purchased the example sold by the Sisters of Notre Dame order at Heritage Auctions after the winning bidder reneged on his commitment to buy the card for 0,000.

After he purchased the card he told His Wagner was inherited from his deceased father Paul Dunigan Sr. That Wagner was missing the right side of the card but was encapsulated by PSA.

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