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It had become unbelievable, a fact so discordant with my friends’ experiences that I had begun to view it as a falsehood.

One infuriated evening, I announced via text to a faraway friend that I must be cursed, another melodramatic victim of hamartia.

Perhaps this feature was meant to allow the single person, in both senses of the phrase, to enjoy the spotlight without competition.

One of them is a girl with black hair, like me, and the other is a boy.“Oh,” he said, squinting.The companies’ stated hope is that people will refurbish their Tinder profiles with I made my first pilgrimage to the Delta Dating Wall in June for its inaugural event.Professional photographers had been hired to take photos of people as they posed in front of painted backgrounds depicting Paris, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich., a chipper summer marketing campaign courtesy of strange bedfellows Delta and Tinder.Citing industry research that suggests world travelers are more likely to receive right swipes, Delta and Tinder have jointly sponsored a two-wall mural featuring nine scenes from Delta destinations around the world.

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  1. (2014) ‘Epilogue’ (‘In the beginning was the lie’) in N. Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies: Dialogues and Discourses (Philadelphia) 227–33. Towards an understanding of the choices made by the producers and consumers of Attic pottery’, Mètis 12 (2014) 189–98. Recent Developments in the Long-Term Archaeology of Greece. ‘Open Access Publishing, academic research and scholarly communication’ Online Information Review ‘Unity vs.