Validating a short acculturation scale for filipino americans

More than half used a modified version of the scale, and less than half used a translated version.

Psychometric properties and pilot testing of modified/translated versions of the SL-ASIA were underreported.

La mayoría de las conclusiones acerca de la relación existente entre la aculturación (medida en SL-ASIA) y la salud coinciden con los estudios en otras poblaciones de inmigrantes. Recent estimates indicate that by 2050, there will be approximately 41 million Asian Americans in the U.

Conclusions: Future studies should include underrepresented groups for a more representative picture of Asian immigrant health, and follow established methodologies for translations of the SL-ASIA.Results: Most studies were conducted with Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese immigrants, with the majority being foreign-born.All studies used cross-sectional designs with convenience sampling.Las asociaciones que refleja el uso de esta escala entre la salud y la aculturación ayudarán a comprender las diferencias existentes dentro del grupo de inmigrantes asiáticos en el proceso de adaptación y a las poblaciones en situación de riesgo. The 150-year history of Asian immigration to the U. and the current number of overseas-born Asian Americans have resulted in an increasingly diverse Asian American population. Nevertheless, there are at least 30 other Asian subgroups in the U.Asian Americans are one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the United States. Among this population, Chinese, Filipino, and Asian Indians make up the largest subgroups, followed by Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese immigrants (U. S., each with their own language, values, culture, and immigration history (Sue & Sue, 1995).

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Les études utilisant l'échelle SL-ASIA pour évaluer l'état de santé mentale ou physique des populations asiatiques adultes ont été prises en compte, soit 14 études au total.

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