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Some stewards are voiced.[private] Wikimedia oversighters, checkusers and stewards, and users who have the presumptive right to hold these by simple request (e.g. New oversighters, checkusers and stewards may contact Barras, Der Hexer, guillom, Trijnstel or Radi X for access. Redaktion_Biologie – RIP Zirpe – Redaktion_Biologie#Chat_der_Lebewesenikis_zum_10._Geburtstag Solltest du in diesen Channel weitergeleitet worden sein, ist dies wahrscheinlich geschehen, da du keinen Zugang zu #wikipedia-de-admins hast. accdeploy stwalkerster/bootstrap – Sand: .gd/accsand2 – Git: .gd/accgit – Bugs: .gd/accbug – recognised repos: Fun Pika, John FLewis, Riley Huntley, cyberpower678, origin, stwalkerster is now a private channel, and you have been REDIRECTED here because you are not one or more of these: 1) Identified to Nick Serv, 2) Current, active member of ACC, 3) Identified to WMF.Bitte wende dich an einen der anwesenden Benutzer – Befehl zum Selbsteinladen für nicht gecloakte /cs invite #wikipedia-de-adminsÖffentlicher Channel der Oversighter. If you are here in error, need help, or have a question, please ping a voiced user in this channel.Bem-vindo ao canal Social da Wikipédia lusófona - pt.– Canal principal: #wikipedia-pt – Canal para administradores: #wikipedia-pt-admins – Canal para agentes do OTRS: #wikipedia-pt-otrs – Mudanças recentes: .com/rcwp1 – ATENÇÃO: Os registos não são públicos.DobrodoÅ¡li na IRC-kanal Wikipedije v slovenščini: Ne spraÅ¡ujte, če lahko vpraÅ¡ate, vpraÅ¡ajte.Projects without subdomains are treated as if they were Wikipedia languages, e.g. If you wanted to have a filtered feed of recent changes of some project, you can use WM bot for that.

Confirmation that an edit has been processed is typically faster through IRC than through the browser. For example, the channel for German Wikibooks channel is #de.wikibooks, and the channel for Wiki Species is #species.wikimedia.• Seneste Êndringer pÃ¥: irc:// • Eller den danske Wikipedias chat: #wikipedia-da • Yderligere information: Chat • Se #wikimedia-da for en samlet kanal for alle de dansksprogede Wikimedia-projekter Welcome to the Latin Wikisource place to discuss the content and procedures of the Latin Wikisource.Discussion may be in any language but English will get the most participation.䞭文維基孞院 – è‡ªç”±çš„ç ”ç¿’ç€ŸçŸ€ – 目前䞻芁蚎論䞭文維基孞院圚beta的籌建工䜜和獚立蚈劃 – 目前議題是吊重新對䞭文Wikiversity之譯名重新投祚 .ly/Psd3Un – å ¬å ±æ—¥èªŒ .gd/Fs GY5VWikivoyage - bot-powered channel – To stalk the edits of a user or an ip: !In reality, often used for related discussions related to Meta-Wiki too, as well as other stuff which belongs to several channels of this list (or none). Users are sometimes redirected to this channel when they attempt to join a channel that is private (mode i) or full (mode l).Users can be invited into the channel that they tried to join originally by a user with op status ( o or an @ sign) in #wikimedia-overflow for non-emergency discussion).

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