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After class, Veronica asks Ethel what’s up, and Ethel confesses that her home life isn’t so great at the moment.

So Veronica invites Ethel to hang the next day, and when Kevin asks V about the invite, Veronica opens up about her former life as a bully.

Then, Polly steals Archie away for a dance and lets him in on her secret: she’s only at Thorn Hill to spy on the Blossoms, because she’s sure that the Blossoms had something to do with Jason’s death. But we don’t get to dwell on that, because Archie is like, , and quickly runs after Cheryl, who’s just had a fight with her father. Once again, Archie doesn’t dwell, and instead has another run-in with Cheryl — who’s changed her mind about him being better than everyone else.

Outside, Cheryl talks about how everyone hates her (while Jason was the golden boy), but how Archie is the one decent person in Riverdale. He walks away, and overhears the Blossom parents discussing the drive-in land and how they sent Mr. The night ends with Veronica tells her mom that she won’t lie for her father anymore, and Betty and Jughead invite Mrs. But not before he decides to stay on the job, with everything being above board from now on, and after negotiating a 20% stake in the development for his company.

He points out that he has a girlfriend and her name is Valerie, and Cheryl flounces away — but I think this conversation is far from over.

Ethel Muggs is back, and reading a really dark poem in class while Kevin and Veronica look on in sadness!

Lodge just tells her they might have to “shade the truth.” Sounds like lying to me.

Cooper to write for the with them, so they can break the Blossom story for real — with Polly as their spy on the inside. Get a clue; Val deserved better than you going on -dates with Cheryl all week. On the other hand, Veronica and Ethel cement their newfound friendship.

The next morning, Val breaks up with Archie for ignoring her, even though now he’s done with the Blossoms. After Veronica apologizes again, Ethel tells V that she’s not to blame for what her dad did, and that Veronica was there for her when no one else was.

But, because these two actually have a pretty healthy relationship most of the time. Lodge comes clean to Veronica about the drive-in land woes — and Veronica urges her to come clean to Mr.

Andrews about who really owns the land (the Lodges)…before he finds out from someone else.

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