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And though he was surprised by the quick engagement, he continued, "It's not my life. I think she's fantastic, and she's a good friend of mine.On the heels of a massive sex scandal within the Hollywood Industry, Ed Westwick is the latest actor to be accused of sexual assault, but in a shocking twist the actor’s girlfriend is coming to his defense telling Actress Kristina Cohen claims Westwick, 30, assaulted her when she was asleep at his apartment.Related: John Travolta Accused Of Sexual Assault By Masseuse!The Orchard made the decision to scrap the release of Louis C.De twee kozen naar goede gewoonte voor een avondje karaoke.

It was only a matter of time before it got back to Ed." Westwick, whose rep had no comment, isn't the only one shocked by the news that his lady love was sharing her affections over the past month and a half."Chace [Crawford] is good friends with both of them and had no idea," the insider says of Westwick's ­"Gossip Girl" co-star."He thought they were the perfect couple." So is this the end of Chuck and Vanessa, er, we mean Ed and Jessica? "Jessica is hoping she can convince Ed to get back together before people find out the full story," says the source.Het is al bijna drie jaar geleden dat de laatste aflevering van 'Gossip Girl' werd uitgezonden, maar Ed Westwick - die zes jaar lang het rotverwende rijkeluiskindje Chuck Bass speelde - wordt er nog stééds dagelijks over aangesproken.Aan aanbidsters heeft de Britse acteur (28) geen gebrek, al bekent hij tijdens ons interview dat hij al die aandacht bewust aan zich voorbij laat gaan: "Ik ben nog steeds Westwick is vooral bij jonge vrouwen bekend door zijn rol in de immens populaire tienerserie 'Gossip Girl'.

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