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Attention is therefore a major and the first stage in the process of converting non-consumers.Since the cost to transmit advertising to consumers is now sufficiently low that more ads can be transmitted to a consumer (e.g.Items come into our awareness, we attend to a particular item, and then we decide whether to act. 20) A strong trigger of this effect is that the mental capability of humans is limited and the receptiveness of information is hence limited as well.Attention is used to filter out the most important information by the human brain from a large pool of information surrounding the human in the digital age.

Another idea in this vein is the creation of "attention bonds," small warranties that some information will not be a waste of the recipient's time, placed into escrow at the time of sending (Loder, Van Alstyne & Wash 2004).According to digital culture expert Kevin Kelly, the modern attention economy is increasingly one where the consumer product costs nothing to reproduce and the problem facing the supplier of the product lies in adding valuable intangibles that cannot be reproduced at any cost.He identifies these intangibles as: Attention economy is also relevant to the social sphere.Attention economics is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity, and applies economic theory to solve various information management problems.Put simply by Matthew Crawford, "Attention is a resource—a person has only so much of it." Attention is focused mental engagement on a particular item of information.

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A number of software applications either explicitly or implicitly take attention economy into consideration in their user interface design, based on the realization that if it takes the user too long to locate something, they will find it through another application.

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