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Data Source = dt.default View;//指定Grid的数据ASPx Grid View1. Visible= true; 每行都有一个CHECKBOX,可以动态选择,只需要这样即可二。ASPXGrid View绑定数据ASPx Grid View1. Key Field Name = "ID";//指定主键。直接更新数据和子表绑定 需要用到 ASPx Grid View1. Show Filter Row Menu = true; 四删除数据 protected void ASPx Grid View1_Row Deleting(object sender, Dev Express. Allow Focused Row=true 高亮选中的行,即选中行变色Settings Behavior. Show Empty Data Rows=True;当数据行为空时,显示空行Settings Pager.

Here is (simplified) ASPx Grid View in my aspx page: protected void ASPx Grid View1_Cell Editor Initialize(object sender, ASPx Grid View Editor Event Args e) for (int i = 0; i 0) { e.I am trying to display an error message in the edit section of a ASPx Grid View when a user has tried to submit invalid data.I have been looking around and have found one blog that allows me to place an error message in red once it has filed validation by throwing a New Invalid Operation Exception. ASPx Editors; //在页面加载时,给combox列赋值,这里的workgroup ID是在ASPx Gridview中的Combox列绑定的字段 (ASPx Grid View1. Hi i need a small help again this on devexpress grids only as my company is working with trial versions they are not answering to my post what i need is i have total three table one is truck(id,name,des,active) second is driver(is,name,des,active) thirs truck_driver where here i am maitaining the relation i mean the truckid and driverid i am maitaining here now what i need is whne i am maitaining the truck page i need to show the active drivers in my listbox which was done with all drivers and second thing is when i am doing editing my truck the drivers who are aloted should be highlighted in my listdriverbox which i am not getting could you give me small idea or can you say me how to do please hope i explained what i want using System; using System.

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