Dating nice guys boring

People aren’t always what they seem and the only way to find your Mr.

Right is to work through your personal issues and gain clarity about the kind of man you truly want in your life.

I am not suggesting that you settle for a guy who is really nice but fails to meet the rest of your needs. But I think too many women make assumptions about men who appear to be too nice without really getting to know them.

You may very well end up attracted to the nice guy who you thought was boring if you simply gave him the time of day.

But when you first talk to a girl you like, they're probably not thinking that far ahead, or if they are, you have to make yourself a possibility of sexual affection, because sex is the difference between a romantic relationship and a friendship (I understand there are friends with benefits, but between a romantic relationship and a friendship, you'll have to agree that one tends to involve sex and one doesn't). Flirting is the game where you playfully tease each other back and forth.

Well, you'll make a great boyfriend and a great husband. You may be scared to do it or not know how, but there have to be fun things in your life you were once afraid/ignorant of and now you love to do.

After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.

That argument has always left me feeling puzzled because I can’t understand why anyone would intentionally avoid a nice guy.

Plus, what sense does it make to make such a blanket statement about all nice men as a justification for seeking out the not-so-nice guys who are supposedly more fun and interesting?

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" "Girls say that they want a nice guy but they don't date ME! Unless you've found a fetish website for whiners, it may be one of the least attractive things you can ever do. I like to think of myself as Sawyer when he was playful with Kate in the first couple seasons of LOST.

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