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You need help because you don't want to mess it up again.Is there anything you can do differently this time around so you don't end up right back in divorce court? When you're together though, there are fireworks all over the place.Before we can do this we need you to confirm your email address by checking your email inbox Click on the confirmation link that we sent you.If you did not receive this confirmation email you can resend it by clicking "Resend Activation Email" at the top of this page.

Honestly when you have best friends their exs are just off limits if you plan on remaining friends.The second most important thing if you want to make things last this time around is that you both learn how to forgive one another and yourselves for the mistakes and missteps of the past.For all intents and purposes you need to view this is a completely new and separate relationship.You're in a bit of a predicament when you face dating your ex wife and facing down the foe that felled your marriage the first time around.The most important thing for the two of you to do right now, in the beginning phases or your new dating relationship, is figure out what exactly when wrong with your marriage.

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