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Furthermore, the City College MESA program is a founding member of the San Diego MESA Alliance. Journal of College Student Development, 48(5), 525-542.

Established in 2001, the Alliance is a statewide model for intersegmental regional collaboration in mathematics, engineering and science education for economically disadvantaged and underrepresented student populations.

They bring prior skills, knowledge, abilities, wisdom, experience and culture.

They also have gaps in their preparation for college.

Resulting from a literature review, an interactive reference list is included to disseminate the theory behind the model. The Capstone is similar to a star guiding MESA Creators on their journey in life. It identifies four qualities for MESA Creators to aspire to achieve: Skills, Knowledge, Wisdom and Freedom. The Alliance goals are to establish best practices, strategic partnerships, effective coordination of services and development of core curriculum for MESA programs. Through collaboration, each Alliance member is able to provide students with extended opportunities for professional development, internships and research across an intersegmental educational pipeline. Sense of belonging among women of color in science, technology, engineering, and math majors: Investigating the contributions of campus racial climate perceptions and other college environments.

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