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The last thing I would do, is after talking with your kids or roommates, depending on your arrangement is to tell them that their computers are blacklisted from the router if they continue looking at this smut.

If you don't own the computers than this is the best option.

I'm a tech geek, so I know all about Open DNS as the "best" solution.

The problem is that when you have hackers in your house (as I do), then they can just set their own computer's DNS to be Google's and get around it.

I liked the inbox tabs feature so much that I immediately switched over to using the gmail web client on both my Mac as well as my i OS devices.

Then I go on and click on "promotions" tab, which ONLY has the mail i wanted to move to inbox.

I then move it to the primary tab and say I want to do the same for other emails from this sender.

Once the Columbia email moved to gmail, I decided to turn it on.

I woke up the next day and discovered that I was neither that popular nor particularly important - and it was great!

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